Sandy Fite

Sandy Fite

Director of Consultant Operations

Oklahoma City, OK

Prior to joining DickersonBakker, Sandy served as Vice President of Operations and Director of Surveys for Cargill Associates, Inc. where she supervised the daily assignments and tasks of the company, directed Cargill Associates’ consultants and support staff, as well as assisted the C.E.O. in any duties that were required.

Sandy develops and resources all materials for the Feasibility Study for both institutions and churches.  She studies and organizes the data collected from personal interviews, online questionnaires, development program reviews, and stewardship inventory forms, resulting in a comprehensive report and plan for the proposed campaign.  She also assists in the development of all campaign materials.

She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma.

Sandy spends Sunday afternoons volunteering in the church office. She is also involved in several philanthropic organizations.  In her free time, she enjoys exercising, reading, and the culinary arts.

Sandy and her husband Thomas have two adult children and one grandchild and currently reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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