Ten Questions to Put You on a Path to Success in Major Gift Development

If you polled most people in a non-profit organization, they will probably say that the Development Director has a cushy job. Meetings with interesting people. Dinners, lunches, golf, black-tie affairs and whatnot with the movers and shakers. An open door … read more

From a Cold Shoulder to a Warm Embrace … How to Break Through to a Non-Responsive Donor

October, November, and December are fundraising’s months to “make hay when the sun shines.”  It cannot be understated how important it is for major gift officers of all stripes to reach out to donors to present proposals and ask for … read more

Five (All too Common) Reasons Nonprofits Fall Short in Raising Major Gifts: Reason #4

Why are so many nonprofits falling short in raising major gifts? This is number four in a five-part series exploring five reasons why. In our first post we talked about how talent gaps on the fundraising team is the biggest factor. The next two we discussed were how too many organizations are failing … read more

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