When it comes to raising money for Christian and private schools, we don’t just understand the challenges and opportunities you face… We’ve lived it.

Over the 30+ years that our firm has been in business, we have helped conduct hundreds of school capital campaigns that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars. Whether you are looking to conduct a campaign for new buildings, athletic facilities, debt reduction, scholarships, an endowment, a combination of the above, or any other type of major fundraising campaign, we are experts in providing the counsel and assistance to successfully complete a capital campaign that will help your school take a substantial leap forward in the fulfillment of your vision.

Is there a capital campaign in your school’s future? 

If you answered yes, then we invite you to join our team and school administrators from across the nation for our fall webinar series as we share the secrets to navigating the ever-changing school capital campaign landscape. 

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Capital Campaigns 101: Everything you need to know but didn’t know to ask! 

#1 of 3 in our School Capital Campaign Webinar Series

It’s a well-known fact that capital campaign fundraising is the most cost-effective type of fundraising that can have long-lasting, remarkable results. But, before you head down that alluring path, there are some things you really must know to keep you from failing before you even get started.

During this one-hour webcast event, you’ll learn:

  • How much will we likely be able to raise?
  • Who should lead our capital campaign?
  • What is a pre-campaign feasibility study? Is it really necessary?
  • When is the best time of year to launch a capital campaign?
  • and much more!

If your school is facing the need for a capital campaign in the next 1-2 years, then you’re probably already grappling with questions just like these!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

1:30pm Eastern
12:30pm Central
10:30am Pacific

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Best Practices & Biggest Mistakes of a Private School Capital Campaign

#2 of 3 in our School Capital Campaign Webinar Series

With more than a thousand clients served raising hundreds of millions of dollars, there’s nothing that our team hasn’t encountered over the past three decades. Join us as we share the best practices and the biggest mistakes that other private & Christian schools (like yours!) have encountered along the way!

During this live, one-hour event you’ll learn:

  • How to set achievable goals for your school.
  • How to map out a timeline to stay on track.
  • How to maximize the impact to raise more money.
  • What you need to have to get your board on board.
  • and much more!

Regardless of whether you’re considering a capital campaign in the future or already well underway with an existing campaign, this session is not to be missed!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

1:30pm Eastern
12:30pm Central
10:30am Pacific

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School Capital Campaigns 101: Q&A

#3 of 3 in our School Capital Campaign Webinar Series

A capital campaign is one of the most significant initiatives your school will undertake. It is a complex undertaking, and it is critically important that it be done right. To succeed, a school capital campaign must have a very high profile. This means that if it flops, it will be a high-profile flop. The reality is that for schools, generally you only have one shot at getting it right!

In this webinar, we will be answering the questions that have come in throughout the Capital Campaigns 101 webinar series this fall from administrators & school leaders just like yourself.

Here are few of the questions we’ve already received & will be answering:

  • How should we determine our campaign goal?
  • How soon should we start planning our campaign?
  • Does our small school need a capital campaign consultant?
  • Do we need a fancy campaign brochure?
  • What role should our board play in our campaign?
  • Can our school complete their own feasibility study or does an outside party need to do that? How important is it?
  • & your questions too!

Regardless of whether you’re simply considering a capital campaign or if your campaign is well underway, we’re here to answer your questions. Ask away!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

1:30pm Eastern
12:30pm Central
10:30am Pacific

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Christian School Capital Campaigns:
Seven Steps to Success

  • When is the best time to launch a campaign, and how long should it take?
  • How can we be sure if our school is ready to conduct a capital campaign?
  • What would be a reasonable goal for our school’s campaign?
  • What if we don’t reach our goal? Then what?
  • What are the things we MUST do to be successful?

If your school is considering a capital campaign, then you are probably grappling with questions just like these, and you won’t want to miss this unique learning opportunity. Gleaned from our firm’s nearly 30 years of experience raising hundreds of millions of dollars for dozens of schools just like yours, our team answers these and more of your questions, and shares seven steps you can take to ensure your school’s capital campaign will be successful. You will find this information helpful whether you are looking to conduct a campaign for new construction, renovation, expansion, debt reduction, or any other purpose.

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