This newly created Senior Director of Donor Engagement position will be an exceptional opportunity for the right candidate, highly qualified and clearly called by God, to serve in leadership helping resource one of the most strategic and centrally important global Great Commission missions today. Along with the major-gifts-focused Development Director position for which we are recruiting, this Senior Director role will work directly with CAO Tracy Thomas. The Senior Director will have strategic ownership of all fundraising channels $1000 and below, including all digital channels, donor communications, and systems. As a secondary priority for this position, the new leader will support and complement Tracy’s leadership, acting in an almost Chief of Staff capacity as her “right hand” particularly when she travels.

As a charter member of the Every Tribe, Every Nation (ETEN) alliance of Bible agencies, Biblica occupies a unique and critical place in the global Bible translation space. Focused on providing contemporary translations of the Bible in the world’s major or gateway languages, Biblica’s translation work ensures approximately 80% of the world’s population has access to the Holy Scriptures in their own language. Biblica’s translations also serve as gateway texts for other translation agencies to access and use in translating scripture portions for smaller language groups living in Bible poverty.

As Biblica continues to magnify and scale its impact at home and around the world under the leadership of new CEO Geof Morin, it is likewise scaling its highly professionalized development department to ‘catch-up’ to the opportunity the Lord has put before it. Financially balanced and poised for growth, Biblica’s historical revenue streams including NIV royalties and publishing related income must be complemented by effective and visionary fundraising. Along with the CEO and CAO Tracy Thomas – a uniquely gifted and exceptionally relational fundraiser – the new Senior Director will serve as a key leader in Biblica’s overall development strategy.

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