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(Raleigh, N.C.) October 10, 2023– DickersonBakker, a consultancy firm specializing in nonprofits, announced today the successful Executive Search placement of Matthew Bellamy as Development Director for Enterprise Community Partners. Enterprise Community Partners appointed DickersonBakker and lead consultant Amber Christoferson to recruit and place a Development Director for its Resource Development and Communications team. 

Enterprise Community Partners is a nonprofit specializing in addressing America’s massive shortage of affordable rental homes. With a vision to have a country where “home and community are stepping stones to more,” Enterprise Community Partners needed someone to come in and lead fundraising and philanthropic efforts focusing in the Detroit and Chicago markets. 

This is the second successful Executive Search that DickersonBakker has assisted Enterprise Community Partners with. In 2022, DickersonBakker placed a Director of Development for the Los Angeles Pacific Northwest market. 

Amber Christoferson, Group Vice President of Executive Search, expressed her pride in the successful partnership between DickersonBakker and Enterprise Community Partners stating, “This collaboration has played a critical role in advancing the mission of providing more equitable housing opportunities in two key markets, Los Angeles and the Detroit metro area.”

Bellamy is the perfect addition to the firm. With a background in working with nonprofits as a senior foundations and grants specialist, Bellamy has led and served local communities to increase housing stability. 

Originally from Tennessee, Bellamy received his bachelor’s degree in English and psychology from Vanderbilt University before moving on to the University of Michigan to receive his PhD in English language and literature. 

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