Jumpstart Your Next Christian School Capital Campaign

Interest in Christian schools is surging in every region of the country. In fact, according to a recent survey by EdChoice, 41% of parents indicated that they would now prefer a private education for their children. This demonstrates an unprecedented opportunity for the growth of your Christian School. A capital campaign can provide a huge leap forward in helping your Christian School grow, meet goals, and expand impact. Jumpstart your campaign by giving early attention to three essential ingredients. Together, we’ll learn how to: Master the art of crafting a winning case for support. Set a challenging but achievable goal by correctly assessing donors’ giving capacity. Get practical tips on how to recruit a “dream team” of volunteers to lead your campaign. And much more!
Giving is the lifeblood of Christian schools. To raise resources, you need good fundraisers. Nonprofit leaders consistently report, however, that hiring effective fundraisers is one of their biggest challenges. What does it take to recruit top fundraising talent? This webinar will help you: Recognize the ten characteristics that top-producing fundraisers have in common, Learn five things you must do to be more effective in recruiting fundraising talent, Understand three of the most common hiring mistakes and how to avoid them, and much more!
Running a capital campaign for your Christian school can be overwhelming. One of our Christian school partners said it well, “The enormous amount of money that we had to raise and yet still maintain employees and salaries and the cost of doing business…there was a lot of pressure. We were wondering….can we do this?” We are here to guide you toward success! For nearly four decades we have helped conduct capital campaigns that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for schools like yours. During that time we have compiled a list of “Best Practices and Biggest Mistakes of a School Capital Campaign”. Our upcoming workshop will teach you how to: Set an achievable goal for your school’s campaign, Map out a timeline to stay on track, Get your board of directors on board, Complete your campaign successfully. And much more!
Are you ready to maximize your dollar and see growth throughout your corps or mission? Watch our free webinar titled, “Capital Campaigns 101 for TSA/Rescue Missions: Everything You Need to Know but Didn’t Know to Ask”, with expert, Chad Haney, Senior Development Consultant presenting. Chad will share his insights and proven tactics to help your organization understand the importance of a capital campaign and flourish in the process. In this session, you’ll learn: Estimating potential fundraising targets. Identifying the ideal leaders for a capital campaign. Understanding the importance of pre-campaign planning studies. Determining the best time of the year to launch a campaign And MORE! Embarking on a capital campaign is a journey filled with learning, growth and discovering impact. Are you ready to launch your journey to growth?
Christian Schools today are seeing a record number of applications. One of the biggest challenges being faced in handling this demand is that many schools don’t have space to grow. You need to build. But even before you build, you need a capital campaign. Watch our free webinar, “Capital Campaigns 101 for Christian Schools: Everything You Need to Know but Didn’t Know to Ask” to discover the secrets to finding the game-changing strategies for your school. In this session, you’ll learn about: Estimating potential fundraising targets. Identifying the ideal leaders for a capital campaign. Deciding on the best timing for your school’s campaign. Understanding the importance of pre-campaign planning studies. And much more!
Is a capital campaign on the horizon for your church in 2024? Before you take action, watch our free webinar “Can you Answer the 7 Questions That Are Crucial for the Success of Your Next Church Capital Campaign?” In this educational event, you’ll learn: What the common misconceptions are about a church capital campaign. How to set an appropriate goal for your campaign. How a capital campaign will it impact annual giving. And much more! Our guest speaker, Kurt Appel, an ordained elder with over 25 years in full-time ministry, currently serves as the Group Vice President of Churches at Cargill Associates. Kurt’s journey has been a blend of faith and practical expertise, having started in engineering before being called to ministry. This dual perspective has been invaluable in guiding churches through growth and transformation.