What’s Holding your Fundraising Back? Issue #2: Lack of Organizational Alignment

Over the nearly four decades we’ve been partnering with nonprofits to improve their fundraisingeffectiveness, our team has identified ten of the most common issues that hold organizations backfrom achieving their full potential in fundraising. In this series of articles, we … read more

What’s holding your fundraising back? Issue #1: Not using donor data and analytics effectively.

For many years, my wife and I have made it a tradition to see Handel’s Messiah during theChristmas season. When the soloists, the chorale, the musicians, and their myriadinstruments blend perfectly together, this is a beautifully harmonious piece of music … read more

Ten Questions to Put You on a Path to Success in Major Gift Development

If you polled most people in a non-profit organization, they will probably say that the Development Director has a cushy job. Meetings with interesting people. Dinners, lunches, golf, black-tie affairs and whatnot with the movers and shakers. An open door … read more

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