Raleigh, North Carolina – February 7, 2022

DickersonBakker today announced that Amber Christoferson has been named Group Vice President over Executive Search for DickersonBakker, a leader in professional consulting services for nonprofit clients for over 35 years.

As Group Vice President, Amber is tasked with helping clients secure exceptional talent for their fundraising and leadership roles. Since joining the DickersonBakker team, Amber has played a pivotal role in finding qualified candidates for clients who are highly skilled and well-suited to the client’s mission.

“I’ve worked closely with Amber for nearly three years and watched her exceed our clients’ expectations with her unwavering commitment to finding candidates who will help them lead their mission forward,” said Derric Bakker, President of DickersonBakker. “Amber’s ability to understand the uniqueness of each organization is what enables her to find candidates that prove to not only be excellent leaders, but strong cultural fits.”

Amber Christoferson brings over a decade of combined experience in executive recruiting and nonprofit leadership to the DickersonBakker Executive Search team. As Group Vice President, her role unites her two professional passions – nonprofit leadership and talent acquisition – as well as her range of interpersonal and professional strengths. Prior to joining DickersonBakker her list of past clients and organizations included such nationally known organizations as The Home Depot, Pandora Radio, and The United Way.

Amber has identified and secured talent for global brands, emerging startups, and some of the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations. She discovered her passion for executive search and nonprofits while serving as director of development for United Way in Los Angeles and Orange County from 2006 to 2010, where she led a strategic initiative to broaden community impact by securing top professional involvement and support from an array of fields.

“I’m honored to be a part of the DickersonBakker team and take on this role as our organization experiences rapid growth,” said Christoferson. “The team enjoys a strong national reputation for its multidisciplinary approach to serving nonprofits. We’ve led searches from Alaska to western Europe for organizations of all sizes. I am deeply familiar with the nonprofit industry and look forward to helping organizations secure the talent they need for their next stage of growth.”

Amber takes on this important role after working closely with Cole Costanzo who previously led executive search services for DickersonBakker before accepting a senior leadership position with Mission Increase out of Portland, Oregon. “I am excited to see my colleague Amber accept this role in leading executive search,” said Cole. “She has a rare combination of customer service and recruiting skills that make her the right person to lead this division. I will continue to highly recommend DickersonBakker and their executive search services to organizations across the country.”

About DickersonBakker Executive Search

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