(Raleigh, N.C.) September 11, 2023 – DickersonBakker, a leading consultancy firm dedicated to helping nonprofits grow and thrive, announced today its release of its newest research study “A Better Way: A National Study of Leadership & Fundraising in a Rapidly Changing World.”

Focused on nonprofit leadership and fundraising, this research study dives into the challenges leaders and frontline workers have faced in recent years. With a goal of sparking change across various sectors, DickersonBakker hopes to ignite and inspire a better way for nonprofits to develop, engage with donors, and deliver their mission impact. 

“The old way of doing things, which has been reliable for decades, isn’t working anymore. It’s hard for leaders and fundraisers to find that new reality. The nonprofit sector seems to be stuck in a paradox, where there is a strong desire for change and new thinking, but that change isn’t happening” said Derric Bakker, President of DickersonBakker. 

Employees of nonprofits are eager to find and work with leaders who share a bold vision. Across the board, employees and leaders alike are striving to determine new fundraising strategies that will garner a higher trajectory of success for their organizations. In order to find and implement new strategies for success, employees and leaders must build critical relationships within the organization, as well as build critical relationships with donors. 

“There’s a pretty wide disconnect between those who are doing the work and those who are overseeing the work. Fundraisers are saying we need to do new and different things if we want to be successful” said Andrew Olsen, CFRE Senior Vice President of Fundraising Solutions at DickersonBakker. 

If focus within an organization is misaligned, the risk of repeating previous outcomes becomes high. Shifting focus to include deeper relationships with a variety of donors and revisiting fundraising strategies will allow net revenue to increase and mission impact to rise. 

“You can outsource almost anything in fundraising, but the one thing you can’t outsource is relationships. You have to cultivate and develop relationships.” said Bakker. 

In order to cultivate and develop these relationships, nonprofit leaders and fundraisers must sound the alarm. By forging the path to new ideas and approaches, a breakthrough will lead the nonprofit sector to innovative thinking. 

DickersonBakker stands ready to match your nonprofit organization’s vision with the support and solutions that will result in opportunities for long-term growth. 

The full research report is available for download today at https://pages.dickersonbakker.com/a-better-way-research-study


DickersonBakker(https://dickersonbakker.com/) has been providing professional fund development consulting services to nonprofit clients for nearly 40 years. The firm recently expanded its offerings to include a full spectrum of direct response fundraising and marketing services to clients. With offices in North Carolina and Texas and consulting team members located in several states, DickersonBakker has served thousands of nonprofits across the U.S., Canada, and overseas. 

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